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How I do

So..Court Went Well..DISMISSED!!..Of course he still don`t wanna say for what..I dont see the point in not telling me I`ll find out sooner Or later..On another note thoe Since John Got the " White Thing " We Been Madd Going round and Shit we was thru the drive thru and this nigga on the thing was ghetto as fuck was like " Yo can I getta Mc Flurry Butter Finger " He Like " Oh fo shoa U you " ..I was Like..Uh yeah That aint how they usually be talking up in the bitches but what evah Went Over Alex Moma House and dude cross the street I don`t know his name but he was Like staring at me and walking over and I steped out the back and Was Like Taste that Suga Bitch And he walked the other way...LMFAO I can't stand people who be staring atchu they wanna say some They just Gotta know who you are but they sit there imaging them selves actually talking to you because they WONT..But Again what ever I aint been talking to the same people I use to and Im finding my Life Getting a Little Less Hectic everyday Turns Out Loren..Or Lauren..Wants tOo meet Me * Muah * Been Reciveing Weirdo Phone calls Aint believing what These folks be telling me Either All Drama Bullshit..Such as DAWN Bitch Bitch Bitch Ain`t I really Wasn`t Saying that As Her Hobby If you feel me This Midget Bitch really Needa Reality Chex You aint nobody mama You aint nobody In general so stop acting like you special pay YOUR rent HO take care of your Kids Stop worrying about your HUSBAND that You STILL have Divorced But watch 3 Yrs Later I`ll Still fuck you up ...Starting to Make Her kids unfucked up thoe I mean They ain`t had a REAL Parent Since they met my Dad ..Which btw Took the Last Three Yrs Of my Child [[ Hood ]] Yeah sOo whatever Called carrie today But she was going over too Someother Sarah [[ Smh ]] Wtf Im the Only F`n Sarah..But okay so Ended up Over there with alex john Me And Jen but it`s aLL good she cooL peoples Ima start looking for a job get tha dam G.e.D and hopefully all these " Worried " People can chill on tha Bullshit they tryna Be feeding me and how John bout to have to go pick alex up which means Im bout to have to go wake him up YAY And Ontop Of it all Im ON IT!! Im Ghost

R u SuRe U waNna Go This rOut...Let Uh hOney Know Whatchu reaLLy bOut..

I`d Give My all For You o3-o5 Still Stronge
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