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You can't see all tha pain i feel deep inside yet you know it's there breathing so much alive i hate this no friends no family no one to trust everythings gone i say shit to people i kno its wrong i dunno why i do shit i shouldn't i dunno why i care when i kno they don't i dunno why i listen when i hear em talkin shit i dunno why i don't show my feelings i dunno why school sucks so much for me but thats okay cause i kno they'll be changing my schools soon enuff but thats my fault too i should jus do what people exspect i mean i kno i don't give a fuck and i should let people say n do what they want but it's this control issue i have i don't like it when people talk shit about me or ne bodie i kno i dunno why i think people need to start lookin at them self more closely to see whats really goin on becuz i kno everynite im lost as fuck i don't have my friends ne more they all moved married gettin pregnant you kno we've all grown up an i fucking hate it im not ready btw my bday comin up im not exspecting ne thing because i know it'll never happy people jus don't care n i can't stand that all day on my way to school i was cryin thinkin why should i let them get to me?.......they don't really care i kno bud hope n mykol don't they jus trying to make me unhappy by lying and telling chris shit that aint tru and i dunno why the fuck mykol is mad @ me there are alot more people out there other then me that don't like hope he should learn to let her deal with it she never should have taken them pics an showed them !!!!! and danny omg you was cool till you started acting like them so they won't do shit to your computer but hey it's all good im use to mother fuckers acting hard so other people will like them it's alright i totally understand most of the people i know are sell outs except for CHELL N DAVE! onli mutha fuccaz i kno or trust with ne thing and thats onli becuz they aint tryna get in the mix but when they are they stand up foa meh they kno these mutha fuccaz is wrong n i DIDN'T cyber with DAVE! and i don't like hope n i don't like mykol i can't stand bud n danny jus changed n luckys a lil bitch i don't say shit about her but yet she finna run ha gotdayum mouth man you can't trust nobodie oh on anotha level i hate my dad lmfao he thinks he's there for me but i kno he isn't i was cryin an he didn't care he aint ask whats wrong like he use too he went in tha othah room n got high with that lil bitch which i still don't like lmao i can't stand her fucking lil bitch ass kids and yes yes yes i can't stand it!!!!!!!! i haven't herd frum my brutha i dunno what kimmy doin nobodie is even gettin tha fuck along i lost todd i dunno whea mikey gone n carolin lmfao i dunno wha happen to her tony hates meh jessica hasn't talked to me jennifer is a whore! carrie omg whea u been keri moved lmao i couldn't say her name yesterday i kept cryin sabrina don't have ur babi lmao pleez man i dun wanna get olda i swear omg billy i fucking miss your stupid ass pleeeeeeeeez come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neewayz BACK TOO MEH IM SOO FUCKING SAD ALL ALONE PEOPLE KEEP TALKIN SHIT N I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:: SCREAMZ ::!!!!!!!!!!..........OMG it makes me so madd any ways i love you thankyou for lsiitn i needed to let that shit out sooo bad.............CHELL DAVE CHRIS TERRENCE CARRIE KERI BILLY CORRIE TIMMY NORMA KIMMY JOHN DAYUM I EVEN MISS U RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA DIE....I LOVE YOU ALL .. are we friends or are we not you told me once buti forgot so tell me now n tell me true that way i can say i'll be here for you becuz if i die b4 u do i'll get to heaven an wait for you omg im so unhappy.....im bored i gotta clean my room make my bed take a shower n write more about my feelins other wise i will die ....bye

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