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Cry 4 Attention

Ever cried over a boy:Yes
Ever lied to someone: Yes
Ever been arrested: Nothinq I did

Of times I have been in love: Once
Of times I have had my heart broken: 23497823497234
Of hearts I have broken: ..Uncertain?..
Of girls I have made out with: 3
Of boys I have kissed: Bout 7
Of girls I've slept with: qone to sLeep with aLot Sex with nOne
Of boys I've slept with: ONE!!
Of drugs taken illegally: ONE!!
Of people I consider my enemies: Every Fuckinq Body
Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: nEver Ever
Of scars on my body:Bout 4

Do you think you are.…..
Pretty: Hell nawl
Funny: Hell yea
Hot: Nope
Friendly: Depends On * You *
Amusing: sure
Ugly: PossiabLy
Loveable: At times
Caring: tOo much
Sweet: OccasiOnally
Dorky: yess haha

Spell your first name back wards: haras
Spell your last name with bands: Skip
The story behind your screen name: Its Jus Me
My xanga name: i dont have one
Where's your icon from: Uh...Chell Gave it too Me..Cuz Im the Shit
Are you straight: yes
Where do you live: At hOme Aka CaLi
One word that sums you up: Fucked Or " Weird "
Hairbrush: Blue
Toothbrush: SpOngebOb
Jewelry worn daily: Braclet+NeckLess+Two Rings
Pillow cover: Blue fLowers
Blanket: Matches PiLLow
Type of coffee: NASSY
Sunglasses: i dont wear sunglasses
Handbag: sOo Many

Who or what.….
In my mouth: teeth
Is in my head: Randy `tear`
Wishing: sOo MAny Thinqs riqht Now I waNNa die
After this: Kill me
Talking to:David
Something you're looking forward to: Dawn Leaving SUNDAY!!!
sOmething that you are deathly afraid of: needles+Hiqhts+Birds+Spiders

Do you like the taste of blood: It's aiqht
Do you believe in love: Yes
Do you believe in soul mates: Yes
Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes
Do you believe in forgiveness: yeah
Do you believe in God: Im Exceptinq Thinqs Slowly

Who are your best friends?: Keri+Randy+Carrie+MicheLL
Do you have a boyfriend?: sort Of ` tearz ` Fuck You

Do you do drugs?: <3
What kind of shampoo do you use?: Ocean Breeze
What are u listening to right now?:Number One Fan " Genuwine"
Who is the last person that called you?: Randy ` Tear `
Where do you want to get married?: sOme Place Quiet N
How many buddies are online right now?: 1o
Where is your favorite place to shop: Can't memeber the Name
Any tattoos or piercings: ears,BelLy tOOk OutthOe

have you ever…..
Given anyone a bath?:Yes
Smoked?: yeah
Bungee jumped?: no,
Made yourself throw up?: i have
Skinny dipped?: yeah lol
Ever been in love?: yeah
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: when i was younger
Thought about your crush naked?: umm i dono ?? haha
Actually seen your crush naked?: nAh Im waitinq
Cried when someone died?: yeah
Lied: yeah
Fallen for your best friend?: In sOo MAny Wayz (( Not Michell If will Readinq Nosey Bitch ))
Been rejected?: 3 times
Rejected someone?: yes
Used someone?: Not On purpose..It shOuld Have wOrk'd
Done something you regret?: Yes But They Only Life LEssons

last person…..
you touched: Richard
hugged: Jared
you imed: David + Mike
you yelled at: Renee
you kissed: Oh SDFU
you had sex with:...Ahem..U kno
you cried over: Randy

all i need is: My Musik N Randy
love is: undescribable
i dream about:...I don't have dreamz
Drink alcohol?: yeah, not 2 much though
Like watching sunrises or sunsets?: yeah
What hurts the most?: Loosinq Him

opposite sex…..
what do you notice first: i dono, eyes
last person you slow danced with: Todd aHh
worst question to ask: " Do You Love Me"

Can U say G.a.m.e!!! MySz SuRah!!!

Me Nd My Sisser Renee Aka " Ray "

Gawd I Luhv You...With Every Bit Of me

so0o...Maybe I Miss You...Don`t U Miss Me??
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