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Wow..Renees 21'..Off the Chain DrunkNess..My bad hOney I know how foreward to talking to me you we`re.. Im being sarcastik Yep!! Tralala..I`ve figured Men out..Maybe not all but atleast Mine lol it's so easy to think of woman as the none trusting type as the " Mushy " Type..But seriously EveryMan has it in them to be self conscience At the weirdest times Even so He may not trust you..Alone with other guys..But He does trust YOU! Just not them Is that Okay?? Or what about talking about other females and getting madd when she brings up dudes?..Hmm most men are ONE WAY Refuse to change and other wise wouldn`t notice it as a problem if it wasn't pointed out to them..Oh anyhow New NEWS [Moma Giving me 100$ For Christmas ] Im at a loss of what to get randy..He's going to stop smoking for a yr so I doubt my Idea would work.. Lol but still He was so Excited when I said I'd be coming to see him He was even Nicer to me then usual Not saying I don't understand the frustration that comes with " Us " But still Atleast he's being honest with me..Our relationship has moved forward..Lastnite he's the one who said " We`ve gone through alot " Which would have been me usually..I was Shocked and even tho It's not vary sweet sounding it was sweet to me he said " Would you commit a crime if you knew you we`re going to die the next day " I responded with " Yes I`d kill my mom'z father for raping my older sister before I was born What would you do " He sounded Like I`d Told him something real personal and said " I`d rob uh bank an give my friendz the money and O.d you and take you with me " Now that Might not be the sweetest but still I think It was He's also been alot more emotionally open to me YAY But new NEWS!! [ Dad Gave Renee The Care that was " Suppose " To be mine ] He aint even tell me I hurd him on the phone with " barny " Like " YEah she only needs it to go to work and back " Hmm..NOT ME!! I have NOOO Job Im not madd slighlty Dissapointed but not suprised or anything He told me Last month when he got paid " We`ll go do something " We NEVER did..Then Juss a few dayz ago he says " I`ll give you some money later " NEVER did that happen I know he aint got alot but shit What ever's EXTRA should go some what to something I need..Again not suprised when everyone in this house comes before me..It's juss a day In the Life Of anOther " Mistake " GOD Im so fucking madd Im about to be 18 and with absolutely NOTHING..Shit Really aint feel like my self thoe be eazy!!

HO HO HO!!! Merry F`n Christmas!

My Heart Bleedz for you

sUraH sTay LuviN rAnDy <33
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