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Goddam " Lonnie " Calt..Said he's been thinking of me GROSS...Nasty shit Thanksgiving was str8 I didn`t Talk to My nukka..Randy Or Keri..But Carrie said she'd call back Of course she didn't...LIAR!! Lol anywayz I think I've talked to michell about 3 time's this whole week..Wow I know Since johnz been here I been uh trip I know it too I guess my dad told renee he coulda swore I was tweakin..WTF Not one day In my fucking life have I done some Other then WEED which HE does!!..Wtf I swear they want me to move out Renee's 21 bday comin up and that bitch keep makin me wanna slap her she whine whine whine and when someone else do she wanna act like nobody cares about her ass..Well stop being a stupid bitch and people would fucking care..So My LACK of Drugz have pissed me off making it vary difficult to deal with people irritating me ..In simple wayz too Kidz Put your shit back where you got it..Dad Where you been the last three yrsz that's right with your slut and now you wanna act like someone daddy..Not even all the time..Juss when U think some up and that shit's gettin madd old Im finna start studyin fo my G.E.D Cause let's face it I don't wanna be here ..I don't even wanna kno these people God my aunt is a dumb whore..Lyin sayin jojo sick so she can't come Over..Shit Gettin me fuck'n heated Like she some kinda some Swear she LIVES on a BOAT..That my granparents pay fo..Her Husband..Is a fuckin Tweakd out Lyin bastard and sometimes I juss can't stand bein around them..I talked to my hopperz N she told me to move out there settle down with a cowboy then said well sarah " Theres niggers here too " Im like OMG wtf lmao when she left that girl thought she was soooooooooooo DOWN now she so fucking Countryfied I wanna go visit them soon guess will got back with christina and workz at this Dog food plant Stayin in a two bedroom apartment..Well ne wayz Now Im thuroly Piss'd Ima Bounce Be Eazy

Ur LoVe iSs OnE iNa MiLLiOn
sUrAh <3z RaNdY fOrEver
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