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well as it say`s on the corner of my info paqe it`s been 90 week`s since my Lastupdate...Shame On me. My bad I been writing in another jurnal and since we just moved I was going thru my shit And ran across this link And Yea..So..We all moved intogether Antioch right down tha street from Carries * Jumps in the air *..Wonderful eh..So my brothers back in jail for the san deigo shit..Rediculas but whatever right..sOo alex workin at Toysz R us Bout time too everyone was goin crazy bout him getting a job like he aint been looking for one..Oh yes Kelly moved back To Antioch And Mr Hopper got back together With Christina And the baby is..HIS!!..Shit I feel so old and Im only gunna be 18..soo younq Lmao..Anyhow I miss my babY..[[ Randy ]]..My sexii kOolaid well anyhow Im out be Eazy Mudda fuckaz

EaSiLy dAmaGed BuT nEvAh brOkEn!!
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