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picture dis meh butt naked on da floor u rocc hard at muh door u walk in i clime on top u wanna bust buh i won't let chu stopim da candy queen hottest bytch on da sence got yo man wantn meh fienin foa meh prayin to get wid meh he mite be sayin dat he's lovin u buh when he rubbn u he thainkn bout meh how he wanna freak wid meh n taste all da sweetness i got in between im lyke extasy im so addictin once u gettah taste of meh.........Datz jussa flow

loves like a river beatiful n deep tha faster u move tha more u sink u hold ur breath close ur eyes hope u float tears stream down ur faces as memories of love n happyness pass ur fate behind tha wall in which whea u keep ur heart thea z akey to tare it all apart i love you.

btw im so tired of people complainin about shyt i don't see them makin better n da next person who fuccn tells meh what to do wid muh life imma smacc wida pancake i swear to fuccn god yo its refuccndiculass alla da people i kno tellin meh wha i need buh look at dem NUFFIN is good in their lives all imma do is be hea foa dem n love dem n try to help all i can buh man one moa time
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