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I dunno why im lettn things that keep meh happy waitin becuz of problems im havin at home yup i was kicced owta skoo aint dat great wait till they tell muh mom then she finna act lyke she care n shit mayn muh dad dun give a fucc not that i exspect him too but the least he could do was say sumfin to meh but NO its always dawn she comes first with her kids n her problems then i haven't hurd frum muh brutha da lastime he called he talked to dad n said i forgive u n hung up they thaink he finna kill him self n muh dad still aitn talkin to muh aunt cuzza dawn mayyyyyn imma kill erry1 n live alone i swurr i thaink it'd be alot easier if they weren't hea but then again maybe it would be easier if i wasn't oh well now im lettin this shit go im sorry :: smile::........ life can onli get bettah

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