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my Bday!

Well Well Well sum how by talking to carrie on gerrys journal his crazy bitch ex gf thought she should speak her mind which is a shame because theres not much there to begin with and besides that i don't understand why after they're broken up she's still riding his nutts she should stope fightin with gerry n just kill her self i mean she's the one she's really madd at it's funny n pathetic at the same time gerry must have hurt her bad or maybe she just stupid as fucc and has no life i dunno but she should stop running her mouth i mean correcting carrie on her spelling n then making almost the same mistake....WTF! gerry pleez don't date crazy anorexic hoz no offence carrie lmfao jk but newayz i wasn't even talking to her why the fucc she gotta run ya fuccn mouth i mean first she's ridin gerrys dick for how long now and they're not together they don't even have to talk so why does she keep talking if she hates him if she wants to kick his ass....?? makes no sence tru tru_________________________

My bday! yeah its succn my sisters being a bitch people keep talking shit so nothings new.....yep yep lifes boring except for the fun n exciting words rose has said....so pathetic * laughs* seriously why would u keep talking to someone u hate whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy huh why if you don't care sdfu get over it grow up be a woman face reality shit happens u aint togetha LEAVE IT ALONE why can't people understand?.....bye bye MUCH LOVE...rose if you get the guts to kill ur self hehehe thats to bad but atleast you'll have shuddup

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