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fucced up

Haha wanna know something funny i get so wraped up in my life that i don't realize whats really happeing n i let good friendships or relationships fade out this is starting to annoye me i've ben really nice n cool with alot of people i don't wanna be cool with but i don't this becuz this will improve my chances at getting what i want which i don't know what that is yet i just know that im not going to be gettin it alone i have fake conversations n i tell people what they wanna hear so they in return will feel they owe me something n will end up doing me a favor in the furture that will come in handy but i see how some people will treat you a certain way n then turn around and stab you in your back like it's nothing i dunno why people are so heartless n i dunno why i have to be one of them but i'am so im not going to say i don't do ne of these things but i must say i'am a fucked up person.......NEWSUBJECT...
I don't hate daddies whore she's pretty cool i guess shes trying n so it my mom it's soo weird they act like they care but i let them think it really matters to me becuz even tho i think it wouldn't i'd prolly be crushed o0o0o im currently single AGAIN nothing new might as well be the worlds virgin omg i feel retarded oh yea rob is talkin shit hope thinks i care chellz a stuck up bitch n josh doesn't care hhaha thats pretty much it lifes a fucked up game we all must play n im givin flowing a shot i mean what all can they say you suck get off thats pretty much it josh n chell finally broke up YES...haha i hate to sound like a bitch but josh is bettah off with owt that whore she never was a good women she always rude n mean but worse she played him now i play fukkn rob but thats diff she'z known josh foevah i barely know rob n he's gettn married omg i can't believe this ish everythings fallen apart n yet it's becoming so clear it's like walls must fall so i can see it all the truth for what it truely is i dunno what i'd do with owt some of the people i talk to cuz they release alot of stress of my everyday life we all must live this big lie my Q is why tho i dun understand why does the money control what you do don't you have a mind?....doesn't mattah ima holla atchu latah .

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