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da old dayz where da best dayz da old wayz will always stay!

This past week as things have changed i've realized i know a lotta of people but dat i only have 8 real friends n now dat we are growin apart it breaks muh heart i wish we could rewind go bacc in time n make things a lil more fun.....i doubt we could cuz we did our thang we always had fun no matter what we did where we were n da worse feelin in muh life is dat im growin up n leavn da memories behind well seein as how i know all these people i've come to realize dat only a good 10 maybe 12 are good enough to be call my friends there names are Carrie , Keri , Sabrina , Renee , Alex , joshua , Jason , Todd , Billy , Michael , Tony , Chell , Joshua M and last but certainly nawt least Danny I LOVE YOU ALL n you'll always be in muh heart weather we're near or miles apart ur muh friends safe deep within muh heart i'll nevah forget u cuz da memeroies n time we have shared i hold dear n i dun care what the fuck u do with yours but you can't FUCK WITH MINE lmao i miss u all call me sum time n we'll hook it up unless ur IN OKLAHOMA OR CT YA DUMBASS BITCHES ! grrrrr! mad at u all muh phones been blocked to long dist calls bein made im soo sad TONY i forgive u for being a dickless bastard n nawt being there for me when i needed u n talkn bout some othah bitches ass when u shoulda looked at minez lol but it's all dandy cuz i fucked billy when i was with you ! lmao i feel bad now sorri * cries * i miss you all n da way it use ta be if i could have one wish what u think it would be?.....nawt fo da old dayz u dumb fucks for a pound a weed.....lmao actually both i'd wish for three more wishes i miss u all really sorri Gerry u get no shout out lmao for nawt givin me one ne wayz wow u have no idea how bad i cry n wanna die when i think bout da old times n how shits changed so much we went from sleep ovahz to fuckn niggaz ta movin outta da states n leavn behind everything you've evah known n loved jus to be with family which is brave n stupid cuz u left me i break down n cry muh daddis gettn married n havn two more kids * tears* why me why me god oh why me kill me now ........renee n alex moved out ...to corries lmao well nawt far but far enough ya feel me dayum i miss da old ways n days we shared omg it hurts to think we may nawt be friends after today i hope n wish you all happiness luv n good SEX n u all get madd respect from dis lil cali bitch luvn ya keepn it real havn babi's gettn money luvn niggaz n playn bitches chexn ho'z n gettn doe doin what it is we do best being FRIENDS lmao well im corny tanight aren't i dayum i bet you think im cryin....* i'am * shhh dun tell well im hella sad now n im single tooo so if ne hotties is readn dis gimmie a call muh numba is 684-....lmao u wish bitch! now a sad song plays makn me miss ya'll more i wish we alll was together hittn da pipe n laughn like we use too i miss it BADly OH HOW I WISH YA'LL KNEW i feel like im outta love n im so lost with out ya'll i wish i could say i was wrong but i didn't do nuffin n i want ya'll to come bacc home n take care of me cuz i miss ya'll so much muh head hurts from cryin n da tears jus be a flowin pleez luv me or i'll be gone i wish i could jus wish n u'd all appear b4 muh very eyes to dry muh tears an always be there but we must grow up make a life n fallow our paths hopin we all have a place in eachothers hearts as we grow i know you all have a place in mine n u'll nevah be forgotten i can only pray n hope dat muh kids n children of the furture are as lucky as i'am to have such good of friends as you becuz wit out ya'll muh life would FUCKN SUCC NUTTZ lmao n u know it's tru n ya'll love me too i know it ! lmao happie hippie lil dickies sucks muh tities omg i can't believe i put dat on fuckn well life goes on it's nawt like ya'll is actually readn dis shit or it's jus dat borin ya'll have nuffin to say luv u all MUCH LUV HAPPINESS N GOOD SEX TO MUH HOMEFRYS N BITCHES ! HELL YEA! lata hataz n bitch maid niggaz

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