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scent_of_a_thug2001: hey
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: who'z dis?
scent_of_a_thug2001: like u gotta know who someone is to holla get real
scent_of_a_thug2001: how old r u
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: im 17
scent_of_a_thug2001: awwww shit im 23 fla
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: yeah guess dats too bad
scent_of_a_thug2001: ~ u gotta pic
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: yeah but i can't show you
scent_of_a_thug2001: oh ok well i cant show u me on my web cam
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: thazz fyne
scent_of_a_thug2001: something that your not
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: ok
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bye now
scent_of_a_thug2001: haul ass
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: uh huh
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bye bye
scent_of_a_thug2001: stop talkn to me
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: omg
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bitch u da one talkn
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bacc up b4 u get smacced up
scent_of_a_thug2001: fuck u bitch tired of being nice to yo ass
scent_of_a_thug2001: bitch put cha fist in ya pussy and breath real hard
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
scent_of_a_thug2001: =D>
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: hmz
scent_of_a_thug2001: take yo lil ass to the play pin
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: i know who diz is
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: needa shut up bitch
scent_of_a_thug2001: u dont know who i am
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: uh huh
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: dumbfuck
scent_of_a_thug2001: who am i then
scent_of_a_thug2001: stupid
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: omg
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: ur soo pathetic
scent_of_a_thug2001: stop talkn about cha moma like that
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: muh mommaz dead
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: yeah bitch stop talkn shit now huh
scent_of_a_thug2001: i got booted dumb shit.....what u meen mommaz hm 2 females gave u birth
scent_of_a_thug2001: stupid shit
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: omg
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: your fuckn gay
scent_of_a_thug2001: yea i get that from ya dadddy
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: muh daddi huh
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: wow deez are very origanal n stupid insults fo someone as old as you, you should atleast have better insults
scent_of_a_thug2001: why is u still talkn to me
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bitch stfu u'z da one talkn
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: suck a dicc bitch suck a dicc bitch
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: licc muh cracc till i tell ya ta stop bittttch
scent_of_a_thug2001: all joken aside if u were here in fla and u was talkn that shit to me....ill get someone to find yo ass and bring u to me cause i bet yo life u wont open ya mouth to me like that......now u think im joken try me
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: try me........
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: now ur a thug........online
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: wow between drive byes n gang bangs u have tyme ta come online?
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: talk biiiiiiiiiitch
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: ya'll front'n no action
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: im bring da heat bitch
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: you juss words
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bitchmaid nigga tryna start shit
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: heeeeeeey bitch

i'am beyond tired of fake ass bitches tryna start shit if u wanna mess bring it dun be a bitch!

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