FlawLeSs cLasSik (crazy_chick) wrote,
FlawLeSs cLasSik

muh good ole dayz yo!

sxythuggish: micheal?
Quadmotodude: yea
sxythuggish: lmao
Quadmotodude: whos this
sxythuggish: guess
Quadmotodude: dont know
sxythuggish: lol
Quadmotodude: im not that smart
sxythuggish: i know
Quadmotodude: yhanx
sxythuggish: i've known you for days plzs believe i know ur not tht smart
Quadmotodude: thanx*
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: gosh its me yo
Quadmotodude: who????????????
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: wheres todd?
Quadmotodude: up ur ass
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: michael don't get mad!
sxythuggish: keep calm
Quadmotodude: who is this just say ur fuckin name
Quadmotodude: damn it
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: omg
sxythuggish: you don't know seriously
Quadmotodude: no i dont
sxythuggish: sarah dumbass
Quadmotodude: tell me
sxythuggish: yo i can't believe you didn't know that shit
Quadmotodude: s or z
sxythuggish: wha?
sxythuggish: sarah frum knightsen
sxythuggish: omg
Quadmotodude: rodgers
sxythuggish: lol rogers
Quadmotodude: u fuckin bitch
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: me>?
sxythuggish: r u mad @ me now?
Quadmotodude: yes
Quadmotodude: no
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: which is it yes or no?
sxythuggish: guess what ?..........my dads gettin married and im movin!
Quadmotodude: where too???
sxythuggish: i dunno
sxythuggish: they lookin for a house
Quadmotodude: and congradulations
sxythuggish: congradulations?
sxythuggish: hmm is this micheal?
sxythuggish: im gettin a new sister and brothers
sxythuggish: look i know where you live don't make me kick ur ass
Quadmotodude: bring it bitch
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: im soo scared
sxythuggish: i'll just bring gerry and billy
Quadmotodude: i think ill run then
Quadmotodude: lol
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: hmmm gerry is hott!
sxythuggish: guess what
sxythuggish: im havin a baby
Quadmotodude: no ur not
Quadmotodude: liar
sxythuggish: serisouly
Quadmotodude: congrats
sxythuggish: omg
Quadmotodude: wut
Quadmotodude: ??????????
sxythuggish: why r u bein nice man i thought you'd atleast be a friend if i told you i was havin a baby
sxythuggish: cuz im not a hoe
Quadmotodude: k
Quadmotodude: gosh
sxythuggish: ur pissin me off this isn't micheal
sxythuggish: he's be mean or say something
Quadmotodude: why??
sxythuggish: omg thats how i remember you
sxythuggish: mean
Quadmotodude: fine fuck u
Quadmotodude: u dirty slut
sxythuggish: lmao it's jus not the same
sxythuggish: cuz i know my friend gerry could clear you out wit that shit
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: but atleast i gots a man .........ne chicks
Quadmotodude: hella
Quadmotodude: like 5 at once
sxythuggish: what?
sxythuggish: oooooh gurls
Quadmotodude: duh
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: i kinda miss you
Quadmotodude: lol
sxythuggish: seriously yo
Quadmotodude: kool
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: kool
Quadmotodude: i miss me too
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: yo..........werd to ur motha
sxythuggish: yo GUESS WHAT NIGGA
Quadmotodude: wut nigga
sxythuggish: i'll beat yo ass
Quadmotodude: u wish u could
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: foo i could beat ur ass so bad
sxythuggish: hey u know my friend sabrina?.......she havin a baby
Quadmotodude: kool
sxythuggish: what r u doin homework?
Quadmotodude: yea
sxythuggish: haha
sxythuggish: see i did muh homework
sxythuggish: i start school tuesday
Quadmotodude: where???
sxythuggish: lol i dunno.....
sxythuggish: IT'S FRYDAY
Quadmotodude: and im tired
sxythuggish: LOL
Quadmotodude: from a rave
Quadmotodude: on thure
sxythuggish: LOL
Quadmotodude: thurs night
sxythuggish: WHAT? YOU DON'T RAVE?
Quadmotodude: in sf
Quadmotodude: yea i do
sxythuggish: did you actually go?
sxythuggish: so did my friend
sxythuggish: his name matt
Quadmotodude: i stole the car and left
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: you knew how to get to sf
Quadmotodude: every weekend
Quadmotodude: i have a job there
sxythuggish: lol doin what?
Quadmotodude: custodian
sxythuggish: you clean?
Quadmotodude: yea
sxythuggish: where @
Quadmotodude: park and reck in the tender loin area
sxythuggish: omg ur growin up
Quadmotodude: im gettin my truck in ten days
sxythuggish: oooooooh
sxythuggish: YAY go
sxythuggish: u
Quadmotodude: yea yea
Quadmotodude: its going to be a miny truck
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: WHAT COLOR?
Quadmotodude: but it will be red
sxythuggish: THATS COOL damn you really growin up yo
sxythuggish: todd gots sooooo tall
Quadmotodude: lol
Quadmotodude: im 5'9"
sxythuggish: omg
sxythuggish: ima kick ur ass
sxythuggish: im 5'4
sxythuggish: btb
Quadmotodude: k
sxythuggish: baccc
Quadmotodude: kool
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: im only 5'4 damn you
Quadmotodude: lol
Quadmotodude: im 5 1/2 inches taller
sxythuggish: i hate you
Quadmotodude: hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha
sxythuggish: I HATE YOU!
Quadmotodude: i luv u
sxythuggish: lma
sxythuggish: i know ya do........i luv ya too fuckin asshole
Quadmotodude: g2g
Quadmotodude: bye
sxythuggish: fuck you
Quadmotodude: luv ya
sxythuggish: bye
Quadmotodude signed off at 11:08:06 PM.

Yo i miss muh friends sooooooo bad! wish it go bacc the way it was b4 * tears * except there are somethings i wish could stay the way they are now i had a talk with my brother and he said he was sorri for everything and im such a sweet and forgivin person that i believe him and i know i shouldnt but hey im glad i do have the friends i have like carrie keri billy renee alex Gerry even lmao but yea you know what i mean i hella miss muh friends todd and everyone else it's like when you get older you lose all ur friends and i don't wanna do that i know it means makin more but sometymes the friends you have are just as good and better thenn ne new friends you can make i mean i have alotta friends and they all seem to be different an i don't want ne of them to be replaced but my dads gettin married and talkin about movin.........* kills dad * i don't fuckin think so he didn't ask me shit bout what i thought if he should or not ya know not showin me ne respect as to how i would feel about living with them them = her family. yeah i know i shouldn't be so mad about it but ya know i have damn good rights to be mad at that asshole....n i think ima end up bein single again yea and naturally i have a crush on someone i know i shouldn't and my friend josh knows billy which also sucks ya know well i mizz muh homefrys and chillin smokin drinkin doin our thang peace luve happyness and good sex to ya!

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