FlawLeSs cLasSik (crazy_chick) wrote,
FlawLeSs cLasSik

Why do i care?

Yeah well my dad's marrying dawn OOOOOOOOO * cry's * I hate the fact that she's going to be like a mother too me and i asked billy out and he said yes and i hate the fact he act's like he wants me to dump him so we can still be friends i don't understand why i give a fuck about my brother who never asked me how i felt bout the shit he was doin and thinks i help michelle take kimberly i didn't even know until she already had so to me i was forced to pick sides and i had to pick my dad's so i HATE it!! my mom's botherin me to come see her again but i know after what Mr Clare told him that he talked to her about me! yes me! it'z all fucked up i have no where to go cuz im pissed at everyone they treat me like shit and exspect me to be there for them that's soooo wrong and for some reason i know i will always be there i guess that's just cause i care more about them then they do about me but it's all good cuz sometyme i'll be happy and so we'll they and it's going to work out i hope!!! jerry has a crush on me ! * isn't that cute * EWWW he mite be my little brother in a few months that's gross i aint sharin a room wit marry FUCK THAT !!!! i'll still live at home with renee and alex and maybe billy see i asked him out and i don't think he really likes me then why am i still goin out with him good Q think bout it if you liked someone wouldn't you go out with them and just think the best about it instead of being all negative??!? i know thats what im doin and i'll prolly end up heart broken but hey thats life and it's a bitch so ima be one right back!! im soo tired of no one caring about my problems! i know thats selfish but im younger then them and they still don't ask EXCEPT FOR CARRIE! and she's such a sweetie I LOVE YA GURLIE! wow im really pissed i don't understand why john being a dick to me and i don't ever wanna see billy again i told him not to call me a cunt * NASTY WORD!*!!!! AND he did it ne ways tonight im soooo MAD! but i don't think he cares should I try to get another MAN??!?! i should stop bitchin cuz theres nothin good that's goin to come of it riiight so why am i still talkin bout it.......? NEW SUBJECT! ugh...GODDAMN! i can't think of ne thing but that except todd grew hella tall he's taller then me now i almost cried when i saw it.... i mean him oh well im tired good fuck nite!

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