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[18 Feb 2005|02:27am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Everyday Is a struggLe . Wish I could take it back . But I Lied . Truth Is I never Ment . To make You Cry . Im Crumbling down . Ready too die . Then I hear . Your Sweet voice . Yes It's My Disision . But I Miss You Soo Much . Waking up to Your Face . Smelling Your cOlone . Im sLowLy Starting . Too Loose My Faith . Will Love Conquer aLL . Or am I aLone . Lost a goodthing . can't blame you . This FauLts my Own .

[ 3 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

Cry 4 Attention [11 Feb 2005|01:55am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

Ever cried over a boy:Yes
Ever lied to someone: Yes
Ever been arrested: Nothinq I did

Of times I have been in love: Once
Of times I have had my heart broken: 23497823497234
Of hearts I have broken: ..Uncertain?..
Of girls I have made out with: 3
Of boys I have kissed: Bout 7
Of girls I've slept with: qone to sLeep with aLot Sex with nOne
Of boys I've slept with: ONE!!
Of drugs taken illegally: ONE!!
Of people I consider my enemies: Every Fuckinq Body
Of times my name has appeared in the newspaper: nEver Ever
Of scars on my body:Bout 4

Do you think you are.…..
Pretty: Hell nawl
Funny: Hell yea
Hot: Nope
Friendly: Depends On * You *
Amusing: sure
Ugly: PossiabLy
Loveable: At times
Caring: tOo much
Sweet: OccasiOnally
Dorky: yess haha

Spell your first name back wards: haras
Spell your last name with bands: Skip
The story behind your screen name: Its Jus Me
My xanga name: i dont have one
Where's your icon from: Uh...Chell Gave it too Me..Cuz Im the Shit
Are you straight: yes
Where do you live: At hOme Aka CaLi
One word that sums you up: Fucked Or " Weird "
Hairbrush: Blue
Toothbrush: SpOngebOb
Jewelry worn daily: Braclet+NeckLess+Two Rings
Pillow cover: Blue fLowers
Blanket: Matches PiLLow
Type of coffee: NASSY
Sunglasses: i dont wear sunglasses
Handbag: sOo Many

Who or what.….
In my mouth: teeth
Is in my head: Randy `tear`
Wishing: sOo MAny Thinqs riqht Now I waNNa die
After this: Kill me
Talking to:David
Something you're looking forward to: Dawn Leaving SUNDAY!!!
sOmething that you are deathly afraid of: needles+Hiqhts+Birds+Spiders

Do you like the taste of blood: It's aiqht
Do you believe in love: Yes
Do you believe in soul mates: Yes
Do you believe in love at first sight: Yes
Do you believe in forgiveness: yeah
Do you believe in God: Im Exceptinq Thinqs Slowly

Who are your best friends?: Keri+Randy+Carrie+MicheLL
Do you have a boyfriend?: sort Of ` tearz ` Fuck You

Do you do drugs?: <3
What kind of shampoo do you use?: Ocean Breeze
What are u listening to right now?:Number One Fan " Genuwine"
Who is the last person that called you?: Randy ` Tear `
Where do you want to get married?: sOme Place Quiet N
How many buddies are online right now?: 1o
Where is your favorite place to shop: Can't memeber the Name
Any tattoos or piercings: ears,BelLy tOOk OutthOe

have you ever…..
Given anyone a bath?:Yes
Smoked?: yeah
Bungee jumped?: no,
Made yourself throw up?: i have
Skinny dipped?: yeah lol
Ever been in love?: yeah
Made yourself cry to get out of trouble: when i was younger
Thought about your crush naked?: umm i dono ?? haha
Actually seen your crush naked?: nAh Im waitinq
Cried when someone died?: yeah
Lied: yeah
Fallen for your best friend?: In sOo MAny Wayz (( Not Michell If will Readinq Nosey Bitch ))
Been rejected?: 3 times
Rejected someone?: yes
Used someone?: Not On purpose..It shOuld Have wOrk'd
Done something you regret?: Yes But They Only Life LEssons

last person…..
you touched: Richard
hugged: Jared
you imed: David + Mike
you yelled at: Renee
you kissed: Oh SDFU
you had sex with:...Ahem..U kno
you cried over: Randy

all i need is: My Musik N Randy
love is: undescribable
i dream about:...I don't have dreamz
Drink alcohol?: yeah, not 2 much though
Like watching sunrises or sunsets?: yeah
What hurts the most?: Loosinq Him

opposite sex…..
what do you notice first: i dono, eyes
last person you slow danced with: Todd aHh
worst question to ask: " Do You Love Me"

Can U say G.a.m.e!!! MySz SuRah!!!

Me Nd My Sisser Renee Aka " Ray "

Gawd I Luhv You...With Every Bit Of me

so0o...Maybe I Miss You...Don`t U Miss Me??
sOo manii tears !!

How I do [05 Jan 2005|03:33am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

So..Court Went Well..DISMISSED!!..Of course he still don`t wanna say for what..I dont see the point in not telling me I`ll find out sooner Or later..On another note thoe Since John Got the " White Thing " We Been Madd Going round and Shit we was thru the drive thru and this nigga on the thing was ghetto as fuck was like " Yo can I getta Mc Flurry Butter Finger " He Like " Oh fo shoa U you " ..I was Like..Uh yeah That aint how they usually be talking up in the bitches but what evah Went Over Alex Moma House and dude cross the street I don`t know his name but he was Like staring at me and walking over and I steped out the back and Was Like Taste that Suga Bitch And he walked the other way...LMFAO I can't stand people who be staring atchu they wanna say some They just Gotta know who you are but they sit there imaging them selves actually talking to you because they WONT..But Again what ever I aint been talking to the same people I use to and Im finding my Life Getting a Little Less Hectic everyday Turns Out Loren..Or Lauren..Wants tOo meet Me * Muah * Been Reciveing Weirdo Phone calls Aint believing what These folks be telling me Either All Drama Bullshit..Such as DAWN Bitch Bitch Bitch Ain`t I really Wasn`t Saying that As Her Hobby If you feel me This Midget Bitch really Needa Reality Chex You aint nobody mama You aint nobody In general so stop acting like you special pay YOUR rent HO take care of your Kids Stop worrying about your HUSBAND that You STILL have Divorced But watch 3 Yrs Later I`ll Still fuck you up ...Starting to Make Her kids unfucked up thoe I mean They ain`t had a REAL Parent Since they met my Dad ..Which btw Took the Last Three Yrs Of my Child [[ Hood ]] Yeah sOo whatever Called carrie today But she was going over too Someother Sarah [[ Smh ]] Wtf Im the Only F`n Sarah..But okay so Ended up Over there with alex john Me And Jen but it`s aLL good she cooL peoples Ima start looking for a job get tha dam G.e.D and hopefully all these " Worried " People can chill on tha Bullshit they tryna Be feeding me and how John bout to have to go pick alex up which means Im bout to have to go wake him up YAY And Ontop Of it all Im ON IT!! Im Ghost

R u SuRe U waNna Go This rOut...Let Uh hOney Know Whatchu reaLLy bOut..

I`d Give My all For You o3-o5 Still Stronge
sOo manii tears !!

Woosh [13 Dec 2004|05:17am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

Wow..Renees 21'..Off the Chain DrunkNess..My bad hOney I know how foreward to talking to me you we`re.. Im being sarcastik Yep!! Tralala..I`ve figured Men out..Maybe not all but atleast Mine lol it's so easy to think of woman as the none trusting type as the " Mushy " Type..But seriously EveryMan has it in them to be self conscience At the weirdest times Even so He may not trust you..Alone with other guys..But He does trust YOU! Just not them Is that Okay?? Or what about talking about other females and getting madd when she brings up dudes?..Hmm most men are ONE WAY Refuse to change and other wise wouldn`t notice it as a problem if it wasn't pointed out to them..Oh anyhow New NEWS [Moma Giving me 100$ For Christmas ] Im at a loss of what to get randy..He's going to stop smoking for a yr so I doubt my Idea would work.. Lol but still He was so Excited when I said I'd be coming to see him He was even Nicer to me then usual Not saying I don't understand the frustration that comes with " Us " But still Atleast he's being honest with me..Our relationship has moved forward..Lastnite he's the one who said " We`ve gone through alot " Which would have been me usually..I was Shocked and even tho It's not vary sweet sounding it was sweet to me he said " Would you commit a crime if you knew you we`re going to die the next day " I responded with " Yes I`d kill my mom'z father for raping my older sister before I was born What would you do " He sounded Like I`d Told him something real personal and said " I`d rob uh bank an give my friendz the money and O.d you and take you with me " Now that Might not be the sweetest but still I think It was He's also been alot more emotionally open to me YAY But new NEWS!! [ Dad Gave Renee The Care that was " Suppose " To be mine ] He aint even tell me I hurd him on the phone with " barny " Like " YEah she only needs it to go to work and back " Hmm..NOT ME!! I have NOOO Job Im not madd slighlty Dissapointed but not suprised or anything He told me Last month when he got paid " We`ll go do something " We NEVER did..Then Juss a few dayz ago he says " I`ll give you some money later " NEVER did that happen I know he aint got alot but shit What ever's EXTRA should go some what to something I need..Again not suprised when everyone in this house comes before me..It's juss a day In the Life Of anOther " Mistake " GOD Im so fucking madd Im about to be 18 and with absolutely NOTHING..Shit Really aint feel like my self thoe be eazy!!

HO HO HO!!! Merry F`n Christmas!

My Heart Bleedz for you

sUraH sTay LuviN rAnDy <33
[ 1 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

Shook [29 Nov 2004|06:00am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

Goddam " Lonnie " Calt..Said he's been thinking of me GROSS...Nasty shit Thanksgiving was str8 I didn`t Talk to My nukka..Randy Or Keri..But Carrie said she'd call back Of course she didn't...LIAR!! Lol anywayz I think I've talked to michell about 3 time's this whole week..Wow I know Since johnz been here I been uh trip I know it too I guess my dad told renee he coulda swore I was tweakin..WTF Not one day In my fucking life have I done some Other then WEED which HE does!!..Wtf I swear they want me to move out Renee's 21 bday comin up and that bitch keep makin me wanna slap her she whine whine whine and when someone else do she wanna act like nobody cares about her ass..Well stop being a stupid bitch and people would fucking care..So My LACK of Drugz have pissed me off making it vary difficult to deal with people irritating me ..In simple wayz too Kidz Put your shit back where you got it..Dad Where you been the last three yrsz that's right with your slut and now you wanna act like someone daddy..Not even all the time..Juss when U think some up and that shit's gettin madd old Im finna start studyin fo my G.E.D Cause let's face it I don't wanna be here ..I don't even wanna kno these people God my aunt is a dumb whore..Lyin sayin jojo sick so she can't come Over..Shit Gettin me fuck'n heated Like she some kinda some Swear she LIVES on a BOAT..That my granparents pay fo..Her Husband..Is a fuckin Tweakd out Lyin bastard and sometimes I juss can't stand bein around them..I talked to my hopperz N she told me to move out there settle down with a cowboy then said well sarah " Theres niggers here too " Im like OMG wtf lmao when she left that girl thought she was soooooooooooo DOWN now she so fucking Countryfied I wanna go visit them soon guess will got back with christina and workz at this Dog food plant Stayin in a two bedroom apartment..Well ne wayz Now Im thuroly Piss'd Ima Bounce Be Eazy

Ur LoVe iSs OnE iNa MiLLiOn
sUrAh <3z RaNdY fOrEver
sOo manii tears !!

[12 Nov 2004|03:38am]
[ mood | disappointed ]

So..My mom came out today we went to the movies after she bought Renee a New battery..Was fun I guess Mom gave me twenty $ soo I went to carries N got uh dub..but just me and renee went then we dropped alex off at work ' Toys R us ' Yay..We we`re inline for popcorn and this weird as ladie start's talking to me like we`re good friends or some shit so Then mom comes back and she's all telling mom how Im pretty and that she's getting her nipples piecred sunday..A Fact I could have lived with out knowing so anyways It's been real interesting this week..Michell decided to go away for a month since will got a new girlfriend..Fucking GAY! Bitch ass aint worth crying Over Let alone Thinking of. John's In Jail still..woo hoo eh? Im kinda wondering where Im suppose to be fitting in here I just read an old entry on renee's jurnal which made Me feel Like shit..Thanks alot All she do is complain about me..I don't even care fuck it all Everyone gots it so confused..Feel bad for them selves Stupid bitches If you haddnt all been fucked up we could still be living in two different houses and everything worked that way I didn't have to see my dad with his new loving family EVERYDAY and everynow and again him having a guilty conscience and wanting to know what's wrong with me why I don't wanna chill with em Or go places with em.. Fuck it why would I if I walked away they wouldn't even notice..Stop worrying about wtf Im doing it aint concerning you once I turn 18 Im seriously Looking for a Way out of this bitch..GOD DAM..Oh well I guess I must deserve this For something I've done lol.

I MaKe Magik..whO nEedz a DiCk ..I gOt mY haNd bYtch!!
sOo manii tears !!

Update!! [10 Nov 2004|11:47pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

well as it say`s on the corner of my info paqe it`s been 90 week`s since my Lastupdate...Shame On me. My bad I been writing in another jurnal and since we just moved I was going thru my shit And ran across this link And Yea..So..We all moved intogether Antioch right down tha street from Carries * Jumps in the air *..Wonderful eh..So my brothers back in jail for the san deigo shit..Rediculas but whatever right..sOo alex workin at Toysz R us Bout time too everyone was goin crazy bout him getting a job like he aint been looking for one..Oh yes Kelly moved back To Antioch And Mr Hopper got back together With Christina And the baby is..HIS!!..Shit I feel so old and Im only gunna be 18..soo younq Lmao..Anyhow I miss my babY..[[ Randy ]]..My sexii kOolaid well anyhow Im out be Eazy Mudda fuckaz

EaSiLy dAmaGed BuT nEvAh brOkEn!!
sOo manii tears !!

poemz [19 Feb 2003|08:42am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

picture dis meh butt naked on da floor u rocc hard at muh door u walk in i clime on top u wanna bust buh i won't let chu stopim da candy queen hottest bytch on da sence got yo man wantn meh fienin foa meh prayin to get wid meh he mite be sayin dat he's lovin u buh when he rubbn u he thainkn bout meh how he wanna freak wid meh n taste all da sweetness i got in between im lyke extasy im so addictin once u gettah taste of meh.........Datz jussa flow

loves like a river beatiful n deep tha faster u move tha more u sink u hold ur breath close ur eyes hope u float tears stream down ur faces as memories of love n happyness pass ur fate behind tha wall in which whea u keep ur heart thea z akey to tare it all apart i love you.

btw im so tired of people complainin about shyt i don't see them makin better n da next person who fuccn tells meh what to do wid muh life imma smacc wida pancake i swear to fuccn god yo its refuccndiculass alla da people i kno tellin meh wha i need buh look at dem NUFFIN is good in their lives all imma do is be hea foa dem n love dem n try to help all i can buh man one moa time

[ 5 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

o0o0.....Funnie [15 Feb 2003|03:04pm]
[ mood | freaky ]

Well umm dawn moved owt foa lyke 4 dayz but shes bacc an wit dem dayum kids ::cryz:: i mean as long as muh daddie happy i dun give a fucc buh as soon as it comes to whea nobodie happy imma kicc ha ass btw i dun lyke dat lil bytch andy ne moa wdf why he was on my list to begin with oh yea i love dave omg i love lmao jus hadda say dat n im sowwie frank muh 'bestfriend' i love ya'll n wdf does <3 mean i thaink i kno buh im nawt shoa so h0ll4


[ 1 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

Ahhh [07 Feb 2003|03:52am]
[ mood | drained ]

I dunno why im lettn things that keep meh happy waitin becuz of problems im havin at home yup i was kicced owta skoo aint dat great wait till they tell muh mom then she finna act lyke she care n shit mayn muh dad dun give a fucc not that i exspect him too but the least he could do was say sumfin to meh but NO its always dawn she comes first with her kids n her problems then i haven't hurd frum muh brutha da lastime he called he talked to dad n said i forgive u n hung up they thaink he finna kill him self n muh dad still aitn talkin to muh aunt cuzza dawn mayyyyyn imma kill erry1 n live alone i swurr i thaink it'd be alot easier if they weren't hea but then again maybe it would be easier if i wasn't oh well now im lettin this shit go im sorry :: smile::........ life can onli get bettah


sOo manii tears !!

Well Well Well [30 Jan 2003|11:04pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

Im completly stoned my brutha called tol mhu dad he forgives him for ne thing he's done n hung up they think he's goin to kill him self and yes im single LMFAO fuccn succz nuttz but hey thats aight thats okay it's all bullshit omg im soo high knfai bye bye S_a_r_a_h

sOo manii tears !!

my Bday! [27 Jan 2003|10:58am]
[ mood | amused ]

Well Well Well sum how by talking to carrie on gerrys journal his crazy bitch ex gf thought she should speak her mind which is a shame because theres not much there to begin with and besides that i don't understand why after they're broken up she's still riding his nutts she should stope fightin with gerry n just kill her self i mean she's the one she's really madd at it's funny n pathetic at the same time gerry must have hurt her bad or maybe she just stupid as fucc and has no life i dunno but she should stop running her mouth i mean correcting carrie on her spelling n then making almost the same mistake....WTF! gerry pleez don't date crazy anorexic hoz no offence carrie lmfao jk but newayz i wasn't even talking to her why the fucc she gotta run ya fuccn mouth i mean first she's ridin gerrys dick for how long now and they're not together they don't even have to talk so why does she keep talking if she hates him if she wants to kick his ass....?? makes no sence tru tru_________________________

My bday! yeah its succn my sisters being a bitch people keep talking shit so nothings new.....yep yep lifes boring except for the fun n exciting words rose has said....so pathetic * laughs* seriously why would u keep talking to someone u hate whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy huh why if you don't care sdfu get over it grow up be a woman face reality shit happens u aint togetha LEAVE IT ALONE why can't people understand?.....bye bye MUCH LOVE...rose if you get the guts to kill ur self hehehe thats to bad but atleast you'll have shuddup


[ 1 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

emotional [22 Jan 2003|07:15am]
[ mood | you'll never understand! ]

You can't see all tha pain i feel deep inside yet you know it's there breathing so much alive i hate this no friends no family no one to trust everythings gone i say shit to people i kno its wrong i dunno why i do shit i shouldn't i dunno why i care when i kno they don't i dunno why i listen when i hear em talkin shit i dunno why i don't show my feelings i dunno why school sucks so much for me but thats okay cause i kno they'll be changing my schools soon enuff but thats my fault too i should jus do what people exspect i mean i kno i don't give a fuck and i should let people say n do what they want but it's this control issue i have i don't like it when people talk shit about me or ne bodie i kno i dunno why i think people need to start lookin at them self more closely to see whats really goin on becuz i kno everynite im lost as fuck i don't have my friends ne more they all moved married gettin pregnant you kno we've all grown up an i fucking hate it im not ready btw my bday comin up im not exspecting ne thing because i know it'll never happy people jus don't care n i can't stand that all day on my way to school i was cryin thinkin why should i let them get to me?.......they don't really care i kno bud hope n mykol don't they jus trying to make me unhappy by lying and telling chris shit that aint tru and i dunno why the fuck mykol is mad @ me there are alot more people out there other then me that don't like hope he should learn to let her deal with it she never should have taken them pics an showed them !!!!! and danny omg you was cool till you started acting like them so they won't do shit to your computer but hey it's all good im use to mother fuckers acting hard so other people will like them it's alright i totally understand most of the people i know are sell outs except for CHELL N DAVE! onli mutha fuccaz i kno or trust with ne thing and thats onli becuz they aint tryna get in the mix but when they are they stand up foa meh they kno these mutha fuccaz is wrong n i DIDN'T cyber with DAVE! and i don't like hope n i don't like mykol i can't stand bud n danny jus changed n luckys a lil bitch i don't say shit about her but yet she finna run ha gotdayum mouth man you can't trust nobodie oh on anotha level i hate my dad lmfao he thinks he's there for me but i kno he isn't i was cryin an he didn't care he aint ask whats wrong like he use too he went in tha othah room n got high with that lil bitch which i still don't like lmao i can't stand her fucking lil bitch ass kids and yes yes yes i can't stand it!!!!!!!! i haven't herd frum my brutha i dunno what kimmy doin nobodie is even gettin tha fuck along i lost todd i dunno whea mikey gone n carolin lmfao i dunno wha happen to her tony hates meh jessica hasn't talked to me jennifer is a whore! carrie omg whea u been keri moved lmao i couldn't say her name yesterday i kept cryin sabrina don't have ur babi lmao pleez man i dun wanna get olda i swear omg billy i fucking miss your stupid ass pleeeeeeeeez come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! neewayz BACK TOO MEH IM SOO FUCKING SAD ALL ALONE PEOPLE KEEP TALKIN SHIT N I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:: SCREAMZ ::!!!!!!!!!!..........OMG it makes me so madd any ways i love you thankyou for lsiitn i needed to let that shit out sooo bad.............CHELL DAVE CHRIS TERRENCE CARRIE KERI BILLY CORRIE TIMMY NORMA KIMMY JOHN DAYUM I EVEN MISS U RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WANNA DIE....I LOVE YOU ALL .. are we friends or are we not you told me once buti forgot so tell me now n tell me true that way i can say i'll be here for you becuz if i die b4 u do i'll get to heaven an wait for you omg im so unhappy.....im bored i gotta clean my room make my bed take a shower n write more about my feelins other wise i will die ....bye


[ 2 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

fucced up [17 Nov 2002|08:33am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Haha wanna know something funny i get so wraped up in my life that i don't realize whats really happeing n i let good friendships or relationships fade out this is starting to annoye me i've ben really nice n cool with alot of people i don't wanna be cool with but i don't this becuz this will improve my chances at getting what i want which i don't know what that is yet i just know that im not going to be gettin it alone i have fake conversations n i tell people what they wanna hear so they in return will feel they owe me something n will end up doing me a favor in the furture that will come in handy but i see how some people will treat you a certain way n then turn around and stab you in your back like it's nothing i dunno why people are so heartless n i dunno why i have to be one of them but i'am so im not going to say i don't do ne of these things but i must say i'am a fucked up person.......NEWSUBJECT...
I don't hate daddies whore she's pretty cool i guess shes trying n so it my mom it's soo weird they act like they care but i let them think it really matters to me becuz even tho i think it wouldn't i'd prolly be crushed o0o0o im currently single AGAIN nothing new might as well be the worlds virgin omg i feel retarded oh yea rob is talkin shit hope thinks i care chellz a stuck up bitch n josh doesn't care hhaha thats pretty much it lifes a fucked up game we all must play n im givin flowing a shot i mean what all can they say you suck get off thats pretty much it josh n chell finally broke up YES...haha i hate to sound like a bitch but josh is bettah off with owt that whore she never was a good women she always rude n mean but worse she played him now i play fukkn rob but thats diff she'z known josh foevah i barely know rob n he's gettn married omg i can't believe this ish everythings fallen apart n yet it's becoming so clear it's like walls must fall so i can see it all the truth for what it truely is i dunno what i'd do with owt some of the people i talk to cuz they release alot of stress of my everyday life we all must live this big lie my Q is why tho i dun understand why does the money control what you do don't you have a mind?....doesn't mattah ima holla atchu latah .


[ 1 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

da old dayz where da best dayz da old wayz will always stay! [12 Oct 2002|06:07am]
[ mood | sympathetic ]

This past week as things have changed i've realized i know a lotta of people but dat i only have 8 real friends n now dat we are growin apart it breaks muh heart i wish we could rewind go bacc in time n make things a lil more fun.....i doubt we could cuz we did our thang we always had fun no matter what we did where we were n da worse feelin in muh life is dat im growin up n leavn da memories behind well seein as how i know all these people i've come to realize dat only a good 10 maybe 12 are good enough to be call my friends there names are Carrie , Keri , Sabrina , Renee , Alex , joshua , Jason , Todd , Billy , Michael , Tony , Chell , Joshua M and last but certainly nawt least Danny I LOVE YOU ALL n you'll always be in muh heart weather we're near or miles apart ur muh friends safe deep within muh heart i'll nevah forget u cuz da memeroies n time we have shared i hold dear n i dun care what the fuck u do with yours but you can't FUCK WITH MINE lmao i miss u all call me sum time n we'll hook it up unless ur IN OKLAHOMA OR CT YA DUMBASS BITCHES ! grrrrr! mad at u all muh phones been blocked to long dist calls bein made im soo sad TONY i forgive u for being a dickless bastard n nawt being there for me when i needed u n talkn bout some othah bitches ass when u shoulda looked at minez lol but it's all dandy cuz i fucked billy when i was with you ! lmao i feel bad now sorri * cries * i miss you all n da way it use ta be if i could have one wish what u think it would be?.....nawt fo da old dayz u dumb fucks for a pound a weed.....lmao actually both i'd wish for three more wishes i miss u all really sorri Gerry u get no shout out lmao for nawt givin me one ne wayz wow u have no idea how bad i cry n wanna die when i think bout da old times n how shits changed so much we went from sleep ovahz to fuckn niggaz ta movin outta da states n leavn behind everything you've evah known n loved jus to be with family which is brave n stupid cuz u left me i break down n cry muh daddis gettn married n havn two more kids * tears* why me why me god oh why me kill me now ........renee n alex moved out ...to corries lmao well nawt far but far enough ya feel me dayum i miss da old ways n days we shared omg it hurts to think we may nawt be friends after today i hope n wish you all happiness luv n good SEX n u all get madd respect from dis lil cali bitch luvn ya keepn it real havn babi's gettn money luvn niggaz n playn bitches chexn ho'z n gettn doe doin what it is we do best being FRIENDS lmao well im corny tanight aren't i dayum i bet you think im cryin....* i'am * shhh dun tell well im hella sad now n im single tooo so if ne hotties is readn dis gimmie a call muh numba is 684-....lmao u wish bitch! now a sad song plays makn me miss ya'll more i wish we alll was together hittn da pipe n laughn like we use too i miss it BADly OH HOW I WISH YA'LL KNEW i feel like im outta love n im so lost with out ya'll i wish i could say i was wrong but i didn't do nuffin n i want ya'll to come bacc home n take care of me cuz i miss ya'll so much muh head hurts from cryin n da tears jus be a flowin pleez luv me or i'll be gone i wish i could jus wish n u'd all appear b4 muh very eyes to dry muh tears an always be there but we must grow up make a life n fallow our paths hopin we all have a place in eachothers hearts as we grow i know you all have a place in mine n u'll nevah be forgotten i can only pray n hope dat muh kids n children of the furture are as lucky as i'am to have such good of friends as you becuz wit out ya'll muh life would FUCKN SUCC NUTTZ lmao n u know it's tru n ya'll love me too i know it ! lmao happie hippie lil dickies sucks muh tities omg i can't believe i put dat on fuckn well life goes on it's nawt like ya'll is actually readn dis shit or it's jus dat borin ya'll have nuffin to say luv u all MUCH LUV HAPPINESS N GOOD SEX TO MUH HOMEFRYS N BITCHES ! HELL YEA! lata hataz n bitch maid niggaz


sOo manii tears !!

fuckaz [01 Oct 2002|08:10am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

scent_of_a_thug2001: hey
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: who'z dis?
scent_of_a_thug2001: like u gotta know who someone is to holla get real
scent_of_a_thug2001: how old r u
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: im 17
scent_of_a_thug2001: awwww shit im 23 fla
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: yeah guess dats too bad
scent_of_a_thug2001: ~ u gotta pic
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: yeah but i can't show you
scent_of_a_thug2001: oh ok well i cant show u me on my web cam
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: thazz fyne
scent_of_a_thug2001: something that your not
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: ok
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bye now
scent_of_a_thug2001: haul ass
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: uh huh
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bye bye
scent_of_a_thug2001: stop talkn to me
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: omg
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bitch u da one talkn
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bacc up b4 u get smacced up
scent_of_a_thug2001: fuck u bitch tired of being nice to yo ass
scent_of_a_thug2001: bitch put cha fist in ya pussy and breath real hard
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
scent_of_a_thug2001: =D>
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: hmz
scent_of_a_thug2001: take yo lil ass to the play pin
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: i know who diz is
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: needa shut up bitch
scent_of_a_thug2001: u dont know who i am
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: uh huh
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: dumbfuck
scent_of_a_thug2001: who am i then
scent_of_a_thug2001: stupid
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: omg
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: ur soo pathetic
scent_of_a_thug2001: stop talkn about cha moma like that
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: muh mommaz dead
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: yeah bitch stop talkn shit now huh
scent_of_a_thug2001: i got booted dumb shit.....what u meen mommaz hm 2 females gave u birth
scent_of_a_thug2001: stupid shit
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: omg
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: your fuckn gay
scent_of_a_thug2001: yea i get that from ya dadddy
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: muh daddi huh
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: wow deez are very origanal n stupid insults fo someone as old as you, you should atleast have better insults
scent_of_a_thug2001: why is u still talkn to me
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bitch stfu u'z da one talkn
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: suck a dicc bitch suck a dicc bitch
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: licc muh cracc till i tell ya ta stop bittttch
scent_of_a_thug2001: all joken aside if u were here in fla and u was talkn that shit to me....ill get someone to find yo ass and bring u to me cause i bet yo life u wont open ya mouth to me like that......now u think im joken try me
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: lmao
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: try me........
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: now ur a thug........online
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: wow between drive byes n gang bangs u have tyme ta come online?
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: talk biiiiiiiiiitch
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: ya'll front'n no action
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: im bring da heat bitch
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: you juss words
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: bitchmaid nigga tryna start shit
dat_bitch_u_hate_69: heeeeeeey bitch

i'am beyond tired of fake ass bitches tryna start shit if u wanna mess bring it dun be a bitch!


sOo manii tears !!

muh good ole dayz yo! [13 Sep 2002|11:23pm]
sxythuggish: micheal?
Quadmotodude: yea
sxythuggish: lmao
Quadmotodude: whos this
sxythuggish: guess
Quadmotodude: dont know
sxythuggish: lol
Quadmotodude: im not that smart
sxythuggish: i know
Quadmotodude: yhanx
sxythuggish: i've known you for days plzs believe i know ur not tht smart
Quadmotodude: thanx*
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: gosh its me yo
Quadmotodude: who????????????
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: wheres todd?
Quadmotodude: up ur ass
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: michael don't get mad!
sxythuggish: keep calm
Quadmotodude: who is this just say ur fuckin name
Quadmotodude: damn it
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: omg
sxythuggish: you don't know seriously
Quadmotodude: no i dont
sxythuggish: sarah dumbass
Quadmotodude: tell me
sxythuggish: yo i can't believe you didn't know that shit
Quadmotodude: s or z
sxythuggish: wha?
sxythuggish: sarah frum knightsen
sxythuggish: omg
Quadmotodude: rodgers
sxythuggish: lol rogers
Quadmotodude: u fuckin bitch
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: me>?
sxythuggish: r u mad @ me now?
Quadmotodude: yes
Quadmotodude: no
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: which is it yes or no?
sxythuggish: guess what ?..........my dads gettin married and im movin!
Quadmotodude: where too???
sxythuggish: i dunno
sxythuggish: they lookin for a house
Quadmotodude: and congradulations
sxythuggish: congradulations?
sxythuggish: hmm is this micheal?
sxythuggish: im gettin a new sister and brothers
sxythuggish: look i know where you live don't make me kick ur ass
Quadmotodude: bring it bitch
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: im soo scared
sxythuggish: i'll just bring gerry and billy
Quadmotodude: i think ill run then
Quadmotodude: lol
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: hmmm gerry is hott!
sxythuggish: guess what
sxythuggish: im havin a baby
Quadmotodude: no ur not
Quadmotodude: liar
sxythuggish: serisouly
Quadmotodude: congrats
sxythuggish: omg
Quadmotodude: wut
Quadmotodude: ??????????
sxythuggish: why r u bein nice man i thought you'd atleast be a friend if i told you i was havin a baby
sxythuggish: cuz im not a hoe
Quadmotodude: k
Quadmotodude: gosh
sxythuggish: ur pissin me off this isn't micheal
sxythuggish: he's be mean or say something
Quadmotodude: why??
sxythuggish: omg thats how i remember you
sxythuggish: mean
Quadmotodude: fine fuck u
Quadmotodude: u dirty slut
sxythuggish: lmao it's jus not the same
sxythuggish: cuz i know my friend gerry could clear you out wit that shit
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: but atleast i gots a man .........ne chicks
Quadmotodude: hella
Quadmotodude: like 5 at once
sxythuggish: what?
sxythuggish: oooooh gurls
Quadmotodude: duh
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: i kinda miss you
Quadmotodude: lol
sxythuggish: seriously yo
Quadmotodude: kool
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: kool
Quadmotodude: i miss me too
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: yo..........werd to ur motha
sxythuggish: yo GUESS WHAT NIGGA
Quadmotodude: wut nigga
sxythuggish: i'll beat yo ass
Quadmotodude: u wish u could
sxythuggish: lmao
sxythuggish: foo i could beat ur ass so bad
sxythuggish: hey u know my friend sabrina?.......she havin a baby
Quadmotodude: kool
sxythuggish: what r u doin homework?
Quadmotodude: yea
sxythuggish: haha
sxythuggish: see i did muh homework
sxythuggish: i start school tuesday
Quadmotodude: where???
sxythuggish: lol i dunno.....
sxythuggish: IT'S FRYDAY
Quadmotodude: and im tired
sxythuggish: LOL
Quadmotodude: from a rave
Quadmotodude: on thure
sxythuggish: LOL
Quadmotodude: thurs night
sxythuggish: WHAT? YOU DON'T RAVE?
Quadmotodude: in sf
Quadmotodude: yea i do
sxythuggish: did you actually go?
sxythuggish: so did my friend
sxythuggish: his name matt
Quadmotodude: i stole the car and left
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: you knew how to get to sf
Quadmotodude: every weekend
Quadmotodude: i have a job there
sxythuggish: lol doin what?
Quadmotodude: custodian
sxythuggish: you clean?
Quadmotodude: yea
sxythuggish: where @
Quadmotodude: park and reck in the tender loin area
sxythuggish: omg ur growin up
Quadmotodude: im gettin my truck in ten days
sxythuggish: oooooooh
sxythuggish: YAY go
sxythuggish: u
Quadmotodude: yea yea
Quadmotodude: its going to be a miny truck
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: WHAT COLOR?
Quadmotodude: but it will be red
sxythuggish: THATS COOL damn you really growin up yo
sxythuggish: todd gots sooooo tall
Quadmotodude: lol
Quadmotodude: im 5'9"
sxythuggish: omg
sxythuggish: ima kick ur ass
sxythuggish: im 5'4
sxythuggish: btb
Quadmotodude: k
sxythuggish: baccc
Quadmotodude: kool
sxythuggish: lol
sxythuggish: im only 5'4 damn you
Quadmotodude: lol
Quadmotodude: im 5 1/2 inches taller
sxythuggish: i hate you
Quadmotodude: hahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahahahhahahaha
sxythuggish: I HATE YOU!
Quadmotodude: i luv u
sxythuggish: lma
sxythuggish: i know ya do........i luv ya too fuckin asshole
Quadmotodude: g2g
Quadmotodude: bye
sxythuggish: fuck you
Quadmotodude: luv ya
sxythuggish: bye
Quadmotodude signed off at 11:08:06 PM.

Yo i miss muh friends sooooooo bad! wish it go bacc the way it was b4 * tears * except there are somethings i wish could stay the way they are now i had a talk with my brother and he said he was sorri for everything and im such a sweet and forgivin person that i believe him and i know i shouldnt but hey im glad i do have the friends i have like carrie keri billy renee alex Gerry even lmao but yea you know what i mean i hella miss muh friends todd and everyone else it's like when you get older you lose all ur friends and i don't wanna do that i know it means makin more but sometymes the friends you have are just as good and better thenn ne new friends you can make i mean i have alotta friends and they all seem to be different an i don't want ne of them to be replaced but my dads gettin married and talkin about movin.........* kills dad * i don't fuckin think so he didn't ask me shit bout what i thought if he should or not ya know not showin me ne respect as to how i would feel about living with them them = her family. yeah i know i shouldn't be so mad about it but ya know i have damn good rights to be mad at that asshole....n i think ima end up bein single again yea and naturally i have a crush on someone i know i shouldn't and my friend josh knows billy which also sucks ya know well i mizz muh homefrys and chillin smokin drinkin doin our thang peace luve happyness and good sex to ya!

[ 1 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

[12 Sep 2002|04:06am]

sOo manii tears !!

[12 Sep 2002|03:54am]
sOo manii tears !!

Why do i care? [08 Sep 2002|01:13am]
Yeah well my dad's marrying dawn OOOOOOOOO * cry's * I hate the fact that she's going to be like a mother too me and i asked billy out and he said yes and i hate the fact he act's like he wants me to dump him so we can still be friends i don't understand why i give a fuck about my brother who never asked me how i felt bout the shit he was doin and thinks i help michelle take kimberly i didn't even know until she already had so to me i was forced to pick sides and i had to pick my dad's so i HATE it!! my mom's botherin me to come see her again but i know after what Mr Clare told him that he talked to her about me! yes me! it'z all fucked up i have no where to go cuz im pissed at everyone they treat me like shit and exspect me to be there for them that's soooo wrong and for some reason i know i will always be there i guess that's just cause i care more about them then they do about me but it's all good cuz sometyme i'll be happy and so we'll they and it's going to work out i hope!!! jerry has a crush on me ! * isn't that cute * EWWW he mite be my little brother in a few months that's gross i aint sharin a room wit marry FUCK THAT !!!! i'll still live at home with renee and alex and maybe billy see i asked him out and i don't think he really likes me then why am i still goin out with him good Q think bout it if you liked someone wouldn't you go out with them and just think the best about it instead of being all negative??!? i know thats what im doin and i'll prolly end up heart broken but hey thats life and it's a bitch so ima be one right back!! im soo tired of no one caring about my problems! i know thats selfish but im younger then them and they still don't ask EXCEPT FOR CARRIE! and she's such a sweetie I LOVE YA GURLIE! wow im really pissed i don't understand why john being a dick to me and i don't ever wanna see billy again i told him not to call me a cunt * NASTY WORD!*!!!! AND he did it ne ways tonight im soooo MAD! but i don't think he cares should I try to get another MAN??!?! i should stop bitchin cuz theres nothin good that's goin to come of it riiight so why am i still talkin bout it.......? NEW SUBJECT! ugh...GODDAMN! i can't think of ne thing but that except todd grew hella tall he's taller then me now i almost cried when i saw it.... i mean him oh well im tired good fuck nite!

[ 1 ] DrOwnd iin sOo manii tears !!

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